Karndean in Wigan

Karndean in WiganKarndean in Wigan is often a primary choice for homeowners and offices. Karndean flooring comes with many benefits, especially when compared to normal laminated flooring. One of the first things you’ll notice is that Karndean is much quieter and warmer. This is because it is made from a soft, malleable vinyl composition, unlike laminate which is manufactured using a rigid fibreboard. Laminate also has the drawback of not being very resilient. We’ve all seen what a spill or a leak can do a laminate plank, and it’s not uncommon to see chipping and cracks. Karndean on the other hand can withstand a beating, making it perfect for both busy homes and commercial spaces.

When looking for flooring in Wigan, Karndean must come into consideration. Unlike laminated flooring, which has adverse reactions to moisture, cold and heat, Karndean can withstand both high moisture and temperature fluctuation without becoming damaged. If you’ve ever had laminated flooring, you know that the planks can absorb moisture and become warped and dried out. This means that they cannot be used in kitchens, utility rooms or bathrooms. The same goes for heat fluctuations, which cause the planks to expand and contract, splitting in the process. Not only does Karndean flooring have many practical benefits, it is also a stylish, good looking flooring.

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