Carpets in Standish

Carpets in StandishWhen choosing carpets in Standish, depend on the 56-year experience of Greens Carpets to make sure you get the right one for your needs. Often homeowners will order whole house carpeting in one style and colour for every room in their house. Purchasing carpet in that manner can be a good choice, especially if you are planning to sell your home. One continuous colour and style through the house creates the appearance of more space. The drawback is not all carpets are best suited for every area of your home. The carpeting for bedrooms might stay new looking for twenty years because it’s exposed only to light use and dirt. The same carpeting installed on stairs and hallways leading to the bedrooms might show wear after five years.  Put the same carpet in the family room and it will need replacement long before the bedroom carpets.

So what is the best solution for families working within a budget to get the highest quality for their money? In Standish, carpets selected with the expert help of the staff at Greens Carpets is your best choice. Value for value, we will not be undersold so low prices is your first guarantee. Carpet comes in grades and each grade carries a manufacturer guarantee. You could solve the whole house carpet dilemma by using the same carpet colour and style throughout but a higher grade in heavy traffic areas. You may not know of your preferred style of carpet. We will help you with that by displaying and discussing the virtues of wool, woven, stain resistant and tufted carpets. You will want to consider the space before the style.

When selecting carpets in Standish, you should be armed with knowledge of reasonable expectations for durability of any chosen carpet. Greens Carpets stocks well known dependable brands. Whole house or one room carpet shopping with us eliminates the anxiety of the unknown when buying. We can tell you the benefits and drawbacks of any style or brand and help you zero in on the best choice of carpet for your space. Contact us or stop by Greens Carpets for a tour of our showroom and meet our friendly staff. Professional installation and advice regarding the best carpet pad for your use is all part of our service.