Wood Flooring Company in Wigan

Wood Flooring Company in WiganWith more than half a century’s experience in the business, Greens Carpets is justly proud of being the best wood flooring company in Wigan. Whether you’re building new, renovating, refurbishing or just giving one or two rooms a make-over, wood flooring can give that WOW factor to any design. Sleek and contemporary, elegant and classical, country and rustic or smart and business-like – our wooden flooring just blends right in. We have earned a reputation for supply and installation of high quality engineered wood floors, solid wood blocks and contemporary wall paneling. As a family-owned and run business, we are excited to be suppliers of top-quality raw materials for wood flooring for international markets in factories world-wide.

Our flooring meets the rigorous standards of world markets. It is durable, attractive and long-lasting. In Wigan, wood flooring companies may offer a range of products, but as a customer, you need to ensure that you’re getting a quality product at competitive prices. Due to our rigorous quality standards, every one of our V4 wood floor ranges comes with a lifetime guarantee of 35 years. Our trained, qualified and experienced team of professionals can help you select the right one based on your needs, preferences and budget. You also need to pick the right type of flooring based on the location, space and use. Engineered wooden floors are made of real wood and not a synthetic compound. They are manufactured from thin layers of authentic wood fused together in an industrial process. This ensures that they are dimensionally stable, will not warp, expand/contract or lose their shape, making it a great choice for all rooms including basements.

With our years of experience as a wood flooring company in Wigan, we fully understand what a disruptive and challenging experience installation can be. That’s why we focus on making it as easy as possible for our customers. As an independent retailer, our priority is to ensure that the customer gets exactly what she/he desires and in the simplest, most economical and efficient way. Contact us for a free home site estimate. We offer professional advice, expert installation and affordable luxury.