Karndean in Wigan

Karndean in WiganKarndean in Wigan has fast become one of the most popular and high quality flooring available. This leading global brand of flooring was founded in the UK Midlands over 40 years ago. The product designers spent years developing designs and textures that have made the product unbelievably realistic. There are many instances where the flooring has been mistaken for the real thing. One of the major differences is in the feel of the product underfoot. The range of stone inspire flooring is warm and soft as opposed to the natural stone which is hard and cold to walk on. The premium stone effect floor tiles mimic the beauty of travertine, slate, marble and limestone in a wide variety of colours. The handcrafted designs of the tiles have a natural stone surface that adds charm and originality to any room in your home.

If you are looking to add warmth to your home then a wood effect tile is perfect in many different colours. In Wigan, Karndean natural wood inspired designs are ideal without the practical drawbacks of real wood. The tiles closely resemble many types of wood in very intricate designs. Patterns can be created on the floor or the tiles can be laid to resemble natural hardwood or softwood floors. Of course the real benefit is that they can be used in rooms that real wood cannot such as the bathroom and kitchen. Wood and water in the same room will cause the wood to swell no matter how well sealed as the wood has give in it and the seal ill eventually crack and permit water to enter.

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