Are you looking for the best Karndean in Ormskirk?

Karndean in OrmskirkKarndean in Ormskirk is onne of the most luxurious flooring you can install in your home. This beautiful and unique vinyl flooring is manufactured in the UK Midlands and has become one of the leading global brands of luxury vinyl flooring. For over 40 years they have been manufacturing Karndean to the highest standards and have created a product that is realistic to look at but easier to clean and can be used in places where the natural material could not be installed. Wood could not be use in bathrooms or kitchens where it is susceptible to water and moisture and will eventually warp or swell. Our wood inspired vinyl flooring can be used in any room and as it has a non-porous surface it is easy to clean and hygienic as bacteria, germs and mould have no place to take hold.

Stone floors look stunning and make an impressive statement but they are very cold and hard. In Ormskirk, Karndean can offer you a wide range of stone inspired vinyl flooring that looks like stone but is warm and soft underfoot. It is durable and suitable for high traffic areas and can be quickly and easily cleaned. Natural stone can be porous and can develop tiny cracks that harbour dirt and germs. The Karndean range is sealed and can be kept hygienically clean with just a simple wipe with a mop and no scrubbing.

We have a long standing tradition of supplying the best quality Karndean in Ormskirk. The company was established in 1960 by Mr Green and is still an independent and family run business. Contact Greens Carpets today or visit our showroom to see the truly enormous range of flooring available. We are able to supply the best possible choice of flooring at the most competitive prices. We can advise you on the perfect flooring for your home and make a point of fitting your new flooring as quickly and professionally as possible. It is very disruptive having new carpets, tiles or vinyl fitted and we go to extra lengths to make it as painless as possible.