Amtico in Wigan

Amtico in WiganAt Greens Carpets we think Amtico in Wigan has opened up new avenues in floor coverings. Fifty years of design experience and manufactured in Britain gives them quite a boost up the ladder; especially for those who wish for something more. Our buyers want more choices than wood, stone, carpet and lino. While they may like the looks of wood and stone they don’t want the price or the maintenance that goes with them. Carpet may not be practical for their lifestyle. Lino has some good points in easy care and interesting designs and it’s inexpensive but it doesn’t do it for some buyers would prefer a layer of luxury. Amtico luxury vinyl tiles encompass the best of all options in one magnificent product.

Design is important to both domestic and commercial customers. For many in Wigan, Amtico allows them to enjoy the look of a wood or stone floor but with unique designs, you could never get with timber and rocks. Maybe there are still artisans alive that could hand craft these designs from wood and stone but it would cost your first million and completion would likely take several years. Plus you would spend the rest of your life worrying about getting the wood wet and the stone from chipping. All the more reason to choose Amtico. It comes in tiles and planks that can be mixed, matched and configured any way you want, big selection of colour choices and it’s practically maintenance free.

Plus, with Amtico in Wigan you get floors that are soft and warm underfoot and absorb noise but don’t absorb allergens or moulds. You can find Amtico luxury vinyl floor tiles at our independent flooring centre. We’ve been at the same location for fifty years. You will find gorgeous samples in our Amtico design showroom. Here, our professional staff will help you create the floor of your dreams and we see the job through from measuring to fitting. We are conscientious about customer service because some find the whole process stressful. We want to prevent that and turn your flooring purchase into an enjoyable activity resulting in complete satisfaction with your choices. Contact us today about our Amtico range. We have versatile and easy care Amtico luxury vinyl floor tiles in stock and ready for your floors.