Quick Step Flooring in Orrell

Quick Step Flooring in OrrellYou’ll love the look and feel of Quick Step flooring in Orrell and any other location it’s installed in. Our expert team at Greens Carpets can give you the best advice and assistance on getting the look you want for your interiors, at the right price. We have more than half a century’s experience to guide us and most of our work still comes to us via recommendations from 100% satisfied clients. As a family run business operating from our base in Wigan, we are proud of the strong and enduring ties we’ve established in the local communities we serve. Our client base extends through the Wigan and North West areas and beyond. We’re known for our comprehensive range of flooring solutions to suit your every need, preference and budget.

An ideal flooring type in Orrell, Quick Step flooring is a laminate flooring product. It is available in a huge range of colours, textures and finishes. The product consists of four layers: the balancing board that prevents cupping or bowing, the core which gives it strength and the ability to resist moisture, the design layer which gives it the look of natural wood and stone and finally the last layer of transparent, impact, stain and water-resistant overlay that also prevents scratches. Our customers are pleasantly surprised to learn that Quick Step can last for up to 25 years with a little care and maintenance. This makes it a great choice for high-traffic areas in your home, like the hallway. If you have seniors, children and pets, you can stop worrying about spills, or stains.

Quick Step flooring in Orrell needs only regular vacuuming or mopping to keep it looking fresh and new. Unlike natural wood, you don’t have to worry about it being a breeding ground for microbes, allergens and fungi. For more information about our quick Step flooring, contact us today. Quick Step’s innovative Uniclic system makes it a breeze to install. It can be assembled manually without the need for special tools, adhesives or other equipment. If one piece does get damaged, it can be easily detached and replaced. It offers a warm, soft feel underfoot, unlike natural stone.