Quick Step Flooring in Haigh

Quick Step Flooring in HaighWe are sold on Quick Step flooring in Haigh at Greens Carpets. Quick Step flooring brand is a laminate and by definition, laminates are durable. Within the Quick Step brands are some of the most stunning floor covering designs in pleasing colours. We’ve been in business for more than fifty years so believe it when we tell you, we don’t impress easily. But this brand, besides being beautiful and long-lasting has resolved some common long-term issues with an innovative design. Previously, laminates were glued down. Some of the components that give the glue its strength also result in great respiratory discomfort for those sensitive or allergic. Some of the glues release noxious odours as well. Quick Step has done away with glue.

Quick Step has patented the tongue and groove Uniclic locking system for installation of the laminate flooring planks. In Haigh, Quick Step Flooring is installed without glue and with tight locking joints that help to prevent gaps between the planks that allow water and dirt to seep through causing water damage and warping. The result is a smooth even floor that can stand up to active family living for years. Spills and splashes are easy to wipe up and will cause no damage. Frequent cleaning, often necessary in a busy household, is easy and safe. We recommend this laminate to our customers with great confidence that they will be satisfied with the look and durability.

Quick Step Flooring in Haigh is a favourite recommendation of our experienced staff at Greens Carpets and Flooring. We try to match the flooring to the customer and for many busy households or commercial use, Quick Step laminate is an excellent choice. The flooring market is flooded with so many flooring product choices and it’s impossible for most customers to sift through and compare all the factors. Contact Greens Carpets and let one of our experienced staff members help you find the best value floor covering to meet your style requirements and your budget. Quick Step Flooring might be the perfect fit for your family. Our teams of professional installers are efficient at their job so expect quick installation.