Quick Step Flooring In Haigh, Perfect for Busy Homes with Children and Pets

Quick Step flooring in HaighganChoose Quick Step flooring in Haigh for a versatile, low-maintenance, affordable option. At Greens Carpets, we are proud to be associated with some of the leading international flooring brands. As a local company, we believe in providing our customers with access to the latest products, services and technology available across global markets. Our firm was established more than half a century ago, and is today a well-known family run business. Since 1960, our operations have been conducted through our Martland Mill showroom in Wigan. Today, we enjoy a reputation for great products, superb quality, affordable pricing and consistently outstanding customer service.

Wondering how Quick Step flooring is made? In Haigh, Quick Step flooring is a high quality, modern laminate floor. It has a tough, waterproof base made of premium HDF board. This is covered by a layer of design and another transparent overlay layer that protects the materials against wear and tear. The Quick Step range of designs comprises a dazzling array of natural stone and wood, printed on paper and immersed in melamine resin. Additional natural finishes and textures are then imprinted with the help of real wood or stone that coincides with the design pattern. This process gives an amazingly real and authentic finish. If you love the look of wood but hate to think that a tree has been felled for your floor, this is the perfect choice.

Quick Step flooring in Haigh offers superior hygiene and resistance to dust-mites and allergy causing microorganisms. Additionally, the specially formulated Quick Step cleaning product does not have waxes, varnishes or harsh chemicals that can set off asthma attacks or allergies. If you would like more information about this versatile flooring option, contact us today. Quick Step flooring is famous for its strength, endurance and longevity. They can resist almost every kind of impact, stain, household chemicals, spills and burns, making them ideal for heavy traffic areas. If you have children or pets, Quick Step flooring is the answer to your prayers. It’s easy to clean, tough and very forgiving. The Closed-Seal system ensures that dust doesn’t remain on the surface. This is a great option if there is someone in the house who has allergies.