Choose V4 Wood Flooring in Haigh from a Trusted and Experienced Retailer

V4 Wood Flooring in HaighWhy not choose V4 wood flooring in Haigh from a trusted and experienced retailer? Choosing a new floor can be a difficult task. With the many options available, selecting the perfect flooring for your home can prove to be a challenge. If you are keen on a wood floor, but aren’t too keen on the upkeep of a wood floor, consider V4 wood flooring. An engineered wood floor, it is manufactured by the V4 Wood Flooring company. A UK company, the wood used for the top layer of the flooring is responsibly sourced woodlands. They are also the leading suppliers of hardwood and engineered wood flooring to suppliers throughout the UK and international markets.

If you are interested in choosing an environmentally friendly floor in Haigh, V4 wood flooring should be your first choice. At Greens Carpets, we are one of the leading suppliers of top quality V4 flooring. We take pride in providing top quality flooring products to our customers, and V4 wood flooring is on the top of our list. When you choose V4 wood flooring over a solid wood floor, you are choosing durability, good value and good looks. All the V4 wood floors that we sell are available with a lifetime guarantee of 35 years, as standard. Engineered wood flooring has a top layer made from environmentally sourced real wood. The top layer is all you will see once the floor is installed, providing a stunning finish to any room. The modern colouring and treatment techniques that are used by the V4 company means that there is an endless selection of choices. You are sure to find something that matches the style of your home.

V4 wood flooring in Haigh is manufactured in FSC and PEFC certified factories. All the wood used is responsibly and ethically sourced from well-managed forests. When you are looking for flooring that will add style to your home, contact Greens Carpets. Our expert team is available to assist you with any queries you have about our fantastic V4 wood flooring. V4 wood flooring is also easily installed. It can be installed over underfloor heating, just another advantage of choosing this type of flooring. Our team of fitters are available to install your new V4 wood flooring.