Versatile, Affordable and Stylish V4 Wood Flooring in Shevington

V4 Wood Flooring in ShevingtonBefore purchasing V4 wood flooring in Shevington, always count the cost. At Greens Carpets we suggest you do that simply because it’s fun and gratifying. V4 wood flooring comes with a 35-year guarantee. So whatever the cost of your new V4 wood flooring, divide it by 35 years. It’s possible that V4 wood flooring is your lowest cost flooring option and yet the highest quality. Speaking of options, V4 wood flooring has a gorgeous selection of colour options in addition to the traditional wood tones. Also, the traditional plank wood floor is always popular but V4 wood flooring has a multitude of other designs as well. It’s all about more options even within the wood flooring category. Some prefer solid wood floors but many others are glad for the option of engineered wood.

Engineered wood is a laminate of wood that is strong and durable. For those of you in Shevington, V4 wood flooring is engineered to provide all the beauty and benefits of solid wood. Yet you will enjoy more options without losing the authentic look and feel of solid wood. Once the laminated wood is created, it can be cut into planks of various sizes to create the design your want to achieve. Herringbone is a very popular design because it adds additional texture to the floor. If you want to go completely in the opposite direction, install your V4 wood flooring without colour; just it’s natural look. The installation of V4 wood flooring should be undertaken by a professional installer. The planks fit solidly together to seal out dirt and moisture.

V4 Wood flooring in Shevington is engineered flooring but it’s still solid wood created from layers of wood. It lasts as long as solid wood and can be sanded down and refinished just as solid wood. We are proud to offer this wood flooring to our customers. The products are sourced from managed forests and manufactured right here in the UK. Contact us and let us explain the benefits of our V4 wood flooring. The company also manufactures engineered wood wall panels as well as floors. Soft and warm underfoot, engineered V4 wood flooring is easily maintained and hypoallergenic. It’s perfect for family homes, retail shops and offices where you want a big dose of luxury accompanied with everyday practicality.