Quick Step Flooring in Orrell, an Excellent Flooring Choice for Your Building

Quick Step Flooring in OrrellQuick Step flooring in Orrell is an authentic looking laminate wood flooring that provides the hardwood floor look you desire at an affordable price. We stock Quick Step at Greens Carpets and highly recommend it to our customers. This is the first flooring product invented using the Uniclic Locking System. That means you don’t need to glue this floor down. It’s a floating floor system that fits together with a click and lock feature. Other products now use a similar system but Quick Step was the original and those in the know still consider it the best. The installation of the flooring is fast and easy which means it costs less than other products for installation.

Quick Step plank edges are finished using GenuEdge technology which adds to the authentic solid wood look. You will find that, in Orrell, Quick Step Flooring has some advantages over hardwood besides a lower price.  Their QuickTec line is water resistant and the QuickTec Plus line is waterproof. If you want the look of hardwood flooring in your mudroom, kitchen, bath and laundry room, QuickTec Plus is the right floor product. In fact, Quick Step offers a lifetime warranty against water and pet damage. Yet a clean-up is simple; vacuum and damp mop is all you need for easy care. In this respect, Quick Step QuickTec Plus is a better choice than hardwood and yet it still costs less.

The authentic hardwood look of Quick Step flooring in Orrell is available in many colours and styles. Modern and traditional looks are well represented. You can even get that long wide plank hardwood floor look. Quick Step makes planks up to 80” long. Contact Greens Carpets to find out more about our Quick Step laminate flooring. Our 60 years in flooring business has seen some marvellous innovations in floor coverings. Durable, authentic and easily installed Quick Step laminate flooring is one of the best. Our staff will help you choose the right Quick Step floor product for your needs. Combine the lifetime warranty with an affordable price and you truly have a bargain.