Choose Beautiful, Long-Lasting V4 Wood Flooring in Shevington

V4 Wood Flooring in ShevingtonYou’re loyal, so you want V4 wood flooring in Shevington, the UK wood floor specialists. We have it at Greens Carpets. When you visit our showroom our staff will point out all the other reasons V4 Wood Flooring is great value for your money. Their collection has something for everyone and a broad range of prices. V4 Wood Flooring is created from responsibly sourced timbers in the UK. Their speciality is engineered floors in so many styles, designs, colours and combinations; it takes your breath away. If you are not familiar with engineered wood floors, you’re going to love what their designers can do. It’s all solid wood, but engineered wood floors are constructed in layers so they can be cut into planks.

Various sizes and shapes of planks means you can have wide plank floors, longboard wood floors, a herringbone or chevron design. In Shevington, V4 wood flooring is also available in a high quality laminate. For your own unique style, mix two or more designs and utilise the creative accessories like profile bars, nosing and beading. You can add contrasting borders or create a point of interest in the foyer. We could go on and on because the possibilities are endless and we haven’t even talked about the many natural looking finishes and colours. High society, rustic and everything in between. And yet, V4 engineered wood floors are easy care and can be installed in kitchens and baths because of their water resistance.

V4  wood flooring  Shevington is just as durable as solid wood if not more so. As a natural product it’s conceivable that, with proper care, your engineered wood floor could last forever. If, after a couple of decades the floor starts to show wear, it can be refinished just like solid wood floors. When you buy your V4 Wood Flooring from us you get our long experience and attentive customer service from start to finish. We have large samples of V4 wood flooring so you see what it will look like in your home. Contact Green Carpets and let us share our love of this product with you. When it’s time to measure up and install, we have the best in the business working for us.