Quick Step flooring in Wigan

Quick Step flooring in WiganQuick Step flooring in Wigan is sold right here at Greens Carpets. This is a hardwood laminate flooring brand we recommend with confidence. You get the beautiful authentic hardwood floor you covet without the restrictions of solid hardwood. Families can live on Quick Step Hardwood Laminate flooring. Keep you shoes on, let the kids roll their cars on it, don’t panic when someone spills and even damp mop it if you want to. Your wood floor will remain looking like new. The wood is overlaid with a transparent layer that is ten times more resistant to scratches than other wood floors. The same protective layer resists stains, household chemicals and even burns. The interlocking system for laying the floor closes gaps so moisture can’t seep between the tiles or boards.

We have beautiful designs and colours in stock that you’ll love as well as tiles and planks to create designer look patterns. In Wigan, Quick Step Flooring is laminated for strength, durability, ease of installation, versatile patterns and water resistance. However, it’s still hardwood and comes with a 25 year guarantee. This is elegant flooring that can stand up to family living. It’s wood, so it’s warm underfoot. The flooring is also hypoallergenic because those dust mites and mould spores have nowhere to hide. When you vacuum or dust mop the floor, everything is on the surface and cleans right up. The finish will maintain its lustre for the life of the floor.

Quick Step flooring in Wigan is easier to install than some wood flooring because of the patented Uniclic system. Because the installation goes quickly and our team of Greens Carpet installers are experienced, you save money on labour. Any product that is guaranteed for 25 years is a bargain. At Greens Carpets we have a simple price policy; we won’t be undersold. You can trust our 56 years of experience when we tell you Quick Step Flooring is a hardwood laminate meant for carefree living. Contact us about our gorgeous range of Quick Step flooring. We make shopping for new flooring a breeze with attentive customer service.